Digital Marketing

Course Title

Digital Marketing

Course Overview

·       Digital marketing is more effective than Traditional Marketing

·       Brands are increasingly diverting funds from TV to Digital

·       Digital is the future

·       How true are these statements? What all comprises of Digital Marketing? Will Digital Marketing ultimately replace traditional marketing in Future?

 In this course we cover:

·      Fundamental concepts of Marketing

·      Setting the right “Campaign Objective”

·       Overview of available Digital Platforms (Google Search, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) and Digital properties they offer

·      Tracking campaign success vs. selected KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

·       Creative Excellence – _What makes an ad stand out

Learning Outcome:

The course will provide a Framework to design and execute Digital Campaigns. Also, enable you to leverage the power of online marketing to create awareness (upper funnel marketing) to realizing sales (Lower Funnel marketing)

The course will be enriched by interactive case studies and guest speaker sessions by renowned Digital Marketers.

Topics Covered in the Course.


The Ever-Changing Media Landscape

·       Fundamentals of Media Industry

·       Evolution of Media Landscape

·       Choosing the right Medium

Topics To be Covered:

·       Current Media Industry Landscape

·       How it all started:

·       News Papers, Radio, TV & now Digital

·       Marketer’s_ _Job: Demand Generation, what role different mediums play

·       Making Strategic Choices

·       Importance of Experimentation


Zooming into Digital

·       Approaching a Digital Campaign

·       Different Mediums Available for Different Type of Objectives

Topics To be Covered:

·       Upper Funnel

·       Lower Funnel – _E-commerce

·       Intro To:

1.     YouTube Advertising

2.     Google SEM

3.     Facebook & Instagram


YouTube the next TV? (Part 1)

·       YouTube Advertisement

·       Different Mediums Available for Different Type of Objectives

YouTube Advertising:

·       Deciding Campaign Object

·       Setting Audience

·       YouTube Properties and Budgets

·       Brand Lift Studies – _An Introduction

·       Content Design for YouTube


YouTube the next TV? (Part 2 Demo)

·       Designing Branding Campaigns

·       How to create YouTube ads

·       How to run Brand Lift Studies to measure your branding campaigns


The Google Empire (Part 1)

•                Google Search

•       Google App Campaigns

Topics To be Covered:

·       Is search Dead?

·       Setting up Search Campaigns

·       Measuring Campaign Success


The Google Empire (Part 2 Demo)

·       How to create Google Search campaign

·       How to Create App Campaigns conversion campaigns.


The Social Dilemma (Part 1)

·       Basics of FB Advertising

·       Content Best practices

·       Basics of Instagram Advertising

Topics To be Covered:

FB & Instagram Advertising:

1.     Deciding Campaign Objective

2.     Setting Audience

3.     Facebook Properties and Budgets

·       Content Design for Facebook & Instagram

·       Measuring Campaign Success

·      How Small Business can benefit from FB


The Social Dilemma (Part 2 Demo)

·       Basics of FB Advertising

·       Content Best practices

·       Basics of Instagram Advertising


Creative Excellence

·       Best practices for Static and Video ads

·       Importance of Branding in ads

Topics To be Covered:

·       Fundamentals of Creative Excellence

·       A/B testing – reiterations

·       Why Branding is so important?

·      Measuring Ad success


Business Case Studies

·       How to tackle business problems

·       Relevant campaign per company problem

·       In dept discussion on company objectives

Final Project Discussion & Presentation

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