Graphic Designing

Software & PrerequisitesAdobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. There is no pre-requisite for this course
Course Overview  This course covers the fundamental concepts of visual design, which will enable participants to design Social Media Contents, brochures and Posters, Business Cards, Letterheads, logos, typography, Image Editing, Image Manipulation and Creating ideas, 3D concept and editing within 3D files etc. The course includes an introduction to creative thinking, Implement the basic concepts of Graphic Design in freelancing projects and Graphics Design Job. Professionally use the graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Identify the important commercial jobs of Graphic Designer.
Learning Outcomes  Participants will obtain a deep and complete knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. They will be able to be work with Social Media Contents, Logos Design with complete package that’s include Business Cards, Letterheads for any brands. They will be able to convert a written ideas into design.  
Topics Covered in the Course1 Introduction to Graphic Design
Design elements
Design Principles
Use of Graphic design
Vector vs. Pixel Graphics
2 Color in Graphic Design
Understanding Color
Types of Color (how to select best color according to brand)
Warm & Cool Color Color Psychology
3 Typography in Graphic Design
What is Typography? 
Types of Fonts (Installing and uses of New fonts)
Typography hierarchy in Design
Combination of Typography in DesignCreating eye catching Typography
4 Types of Graphic design
Visual Identity
Graphic design
Marketing and advertising Graphic Design
User interface Graphic Design
Converting ideas into Graphics
Publication Graphic Design
Font Selection, new font installing, font activation
Packaging Graphic Design
Environmental Graphic Design
Graphic Art and Illustrations
Gif Image Making
5 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Move and Selection tools
Complete guideline to Install the best version software for design and get ready to use
Basic Layers and Easy Concepts to use software
Adding, moving and deleting layers Naming and Grouping layers
Masking a Layer Changing a Layer blend mode
Adding fill or adjustment layers
Locking Layers Layer filters in Photoshop Text and text effect
Rectangular Marquee tool
Elliptical Marquee toolLasso tool
Polygonal Lasso tool
Magnetic Lasso tool
Transforming selections
Magic Wand tool
6 Photoshop Toolbar Retouching and Painting tools
Spot healing tool
Healing brush tool Patch tool
Content aware move tool
Red eye tool, Brush tool Creating Gradients of own choice
Stamp tool
Filter Concept to apply on images
7 Drawing and Type tools
Freeform Pen Tool
Curvature Pen tool
Add Anchor Point Tool
Delete Anchor Point Tool
Horizontal Type Tool
Vertical Type Tool
Path and Direct Selection Tool
Rectangle/Round Rectangle/Ellipse/polygon/line Tool
8 Navigation tools
Hand Tool Rotate View
Zoom Tool
9 Photo Manipulation in Photoshop
Turn Idea into Visual GraphicsIdea Assessment
Thumbnail Drawing to Complete composing in Graphics
How to Find best Images on Internet and how to access them
Color Correction and merging Images and things in one picture
3D Basic Concept and editing within any 3D files
Editing within Mock-ups  
10 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
Illustrator workspace and toolbar
Creating document and art board
Understanding toolbar
Basic shapes tool
Pen Tool
What is pathfinder?
Creating Shapes using pen tool and pathfinder
11 Basic Tools in Adobe Illustrator
Scale tool
Shear tool
Rotate and reflect tool
Text Tool
Text wrap
Shape builder tool
Layers in illustrator
12  Designing corporate Identity in Illustrator
Logo Creation and Drawing
Visiting & Invitation Cards
Brochures and Poster Designing
13 Publication & Presentation Design
Catalogue layout design
Brochure/Leaflet layout Design
Creating mockups of designs
Presentation of Artwork
14 Final Task
Quick Quiz Practically on Software in class
Editing and changes in complex files
Complete Package Creation for the brand that include Logo (Logo Presentation in all views), Business Card, Letterhead, Social Media Post, Mobile application Idea, Basic Web Page, Ad Design.

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